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THS Entrepreneurs Make Hot Profit with Cool Product

Kick Off Day The Tonawanda High School entrepreneurship class made a hot profit with a cool product to help several district and community organizations.
Students in the entrepreneurship business class created a business plan for their Polar Express business selling frozen yogurt. They created a work schedule, maintained the financial side with deposits, writing checks and keeping the ledger. They tracked inventory and marketed the product throughout the high and middle school buildings. They ended up in the black with a $1,399.78 profit, which was donated to various groups within the district and community.
“As a class they were creating a fictitious business plan for a health food store in school. They kept talking about frozen yogurt,” said teacher Robin D’Amato. “One of my colleagues from another school district told me about a program she runs with Menchies Frozen Yogurt in Niagara Falls.”
The students contacted the company to learn how they could be part of its fundraiser program.
The students presented their business plan to administration. They held a kick-off one day after school with free samples, music, a coloring contest, and a visit from the Menchie's mascot. 
“It wasn't easy and students encountered many ups and downs,” said Mrs. D’Amato. “However, we feel like it was a success and a great learning experience.”
The $1,399.78 profits were split among the following groups:
  • $187.98, senior English books
  • $150, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 
  • $100 each to HS student council, Hope for Cats, stage crew shirts, HS student in need for college credit, National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony, Matt’s Ride
  • $87.11, Edible Arrangement for the family of Kim Vaillancourt
  • $75, Mr. Benson/Bald for Bucks
  • $65, T.I.K. for Post Prom   
  • $50 each to language department art project, student's mission trip, Class of 2016
  • $30 each to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the senior citizen prom
  • $24.69, MS science club