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Applesauce and S.T.E.A.M. Learning Make a Sweet Lesson

The third-graders in Mrs. Hilbert's class made applesauce as part of a recent S.T.E.A.M. lesson. While preparing the applesauce, the students used their senses to observe the properties of the apples at different stages of the cooking process.
The lesson started with students describing the properties of the whole, untouched apple. Following that, the students were instructed on the proper techniques to safely use culinary tools. They used the tools to peel and cut up the apples before making observations of the apples' properties again.
The last observations came as the applesauce was cooking. The students were able to witness the apples' changing state of matter as they cooked down from their solid form to the liquid sauce.  Although this was a science based lesson, the students were also able to use their reading and math skills as they followed the recipe and measured out the ingredients. Maybe some future chefs or chemists were inspired by this lesson!
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