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MS & HS Parent Input Needed

Last December students in grades 7-12 were surveyed regarding their thoughts and perspectives on drug/alcohol use in the community. The anonymous survey was administered in physical education classes and was developed by the City of Tonawanda Coalition.  This coalition is a group community leaders from the City of Tonawanda that are working together to identify ways of improving outreach, education, and services for health and wellness issues in Tonawanda.
To appropriately respond to some of the needs identified by the survey the Coalition welcomes the participation of middle and high school parents in a Focus Group on Wednesday, April 20 at the Tonawanda High School from 5:30-6:30 p.m., dinner provided.  A focus group is a guided conversation of a small group of people that share their anonymous feedback and insight about a particular subject matter.  Names will not be identified in the focus group results.
For any parents of students willing to participate in the focus group but cannot make the April 20 date, please call Elizabeth at 854-3494 ext. 3162 to schedule an anonymous phone interview. Elizabeth Borngraber, a Community Impact Specialist for the coalition, will ask you questions over the phone, or meet with you to participate in the discussion.
Results from the focus group will be used to assist the Coalition in developing outreach programs and education programs for the Tonawanda Community.  Thank you your effort and interest to help strengthen the services for children and families in Tonawanda.