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Sixth-Graders Learn the Art of Baking from King Arthur Flour Company

Baking Flour, sugar, warm water and yeast took center stage at Tonawanda High School as sixth graders had a bread baking and cinnamon roll demonstration from representatives of King Arthur Flour company.
Helping with the demonstration were sixth-graders Mikayla Boyd and Michael Bertini.
The guest visit was to show the students how to make dough and bake bread. The flour company had donated 176 baking kits to the district. Each kit can make two loaves of bread. The students got to take the kits home to bake something for themselves and make the other loaf as a donation for the St. Francis Food Pantry. The kit contained a plastic bag for the donation loaf which will be collected in school on Nov. 12.
Some of the sixth-graders have learned about yeast baking in their middle school home and careers class. Teacher Valerie Velasquez has offered two after-school baking sessions for those students who wish to make their dough and bake it at school, rather than home.
The kits come with a recipe book and two bags of flour; whole wheat and all-purpose flour. Students could make bread, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls or pizza dough.