Dr. James Newton

Dear Parents/Guardians:

It is with mixed blessings that I announce my retirement, which will be effective July 1, 2017.  I have had the opportunity to work in public education for 31 years and 19 of those years have been right here in the City of Tonawanda School District. 

 I began my Tonawanda years as junior high principal in 1998.  I replaced the legendary Mr. Richard Catlin who recently passed away.  Mr. Catlin and I co-chaired the TONA 2000 committee.  During that time, the community passed the largest Capital Project in the history of the school district.  The amount was $26,000,000.  The 6th graders were brought up to the middle school and the beautiful high school Library Media Center was built  as well as a new gymnasium and many other upgrades.  Academic teaming was a major initiative with the middle school philosophy in place. 

 In 2009, I was appointed the middle/high school principal.  Since our enrollment was decreasing, administration felt two principals were not needed at that time.  Finally, in January of 2013, I was appointed your superintendent and it has been an honor to serve in this position.  Thank you to the Board of Education for having confidence in me to fill this extremely important role.  I have always appreciated the support of the parents, community, staff, and especially our students.  We have the best students in the nation.  They have always been very respectful to me. 

While working as an administrator my goal was to do whatever I could to create a positive school climate, increase the graduation rate and to raise student achievement.  I believe all three goals are being met, but the district should always strive to do even better than where we are presently.   

I have enjoyed being involved in the community as a member of the Exchange Club, Kiwanis Club, and a Board member for the Northtowns Boys and Girls Club.  Our spectacular musicals, athletic events, concerts, technology events, pep rallies, and ceremonies give our district an opportunity to show off the skills of our talented students and staff.  I will end with one of my favorite quotes, which I try to live each and every day.

 “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care, about them.  (Zig Ziglar).  I do care about all of you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.